Fhulufhelo sits in her living room and stares into space as tears run down her cheeks like a boundless river that overflows after a great downpour of rain. This time it’s not the depression that hits in sync with the menstrual cycle of the month nor is it the overwhelm of the work overload that she takes on and thrives under the pressure until it breaks her nor the feeling of not being good enough that she has struggled to shake off ever since she was a young girl trying to assert herself in every area of her life.

It’s the mirage of the words that she has come across as she endeavoured to achieve dreams that always seemed illusive. The passion that was often snuffed off by scepticism and scientific facts used to back up the little trust given to her ambition. The road has been an battlefield full of landmines and snares that threatened to cripple her soul and assign her sanity into oblivion. But she pulled through…and the rest and peace that come with this sudden tranquil road has brought on this eruption of suppressed hurt, pain and anger towards herself and everyone else who made their views and believes known over her capabilities. She admits to herself that the road to healing from the encounters is still long.


Her mantra has always been “humble beginnings will always find a way to humble you”. Growing up in an informal settlement that was established to support a growing mining town, with parents who worked for very little but gave in abundance to their children, she never new poverty until it was told to her that she was from poverty. Treated with disregard and often overlooked she still maintained in her heart that she was destined for greater heights. Now she sits in a house that she owns in full, with the responsibility over ten individual’s livelihoods and a legacy of the impact that she has over a number of communities where she is committed to give her time and funds to.

What does it take for you to break beyond the confines of education, social classing and financial constraints to get to where you want to be?

Fhulufhelo does not believe that she has “made it”, because to her it has never been about reaching a destination with an end, but about growth made possible by believing in herself and achieving beyond the boundaries of society’s expectations. She stands up from her couch, picks up her car keys and wipes away her tears as she walks past the mirror by the passage and mentally gears herself up for the motivation talk she is booked for at an all girls school, the topic of her motivational talk is “Breaking Beyond Bounds”. The very topic of a life that she lived in preparation for such moments.

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