Life is so delicate, yes delicate in its strength and vigour. A lion cub is born vulnerable to  its environment, oblivious of its powers and fearful nature until in grows and matures into its rightful stature. It grows to it prime, where it commands respect at a roar and it’s gait carries it’s authority until old age. With age, the lion’s fearce look remains a tale of what once was, it’s strength weathered with scars a reminder of battles won and battles lost and its raor a cry of distant memories that still seek to be and at the same time it still haunts those who know it’s might.

Lara has been soaring in the past years, she has reached heights unimaginable and she is just so full of  life! How she got to this point, she will never know. A dark cloud of grief has been lifted off over her and she finds herself light on her feet and sharp in her mind. Losing a loved one is the hardest point in one’s life, knowing that they will never assume the physical role and fill the void that stares you in the face. When Lara’s father was still alive, he was her soft landing and her source of courage. She had never imaged a life that he she would walk without seeking guidance or encouragement from him.

Their last conversation remains a silent whisper of strength on a daily basis. The conversation had ended by him telling her “be strong”, a few days after the conversation she received the dreaded call that he had passed. Broken, lost and aggrieved she had cried herself to sleep, cried herself to work and cried herself during her morning jogs and walks for months. Every step an effort and action lacking in will. However she has now broken through the cloud, her heart beating with a new rhythm. Her father’s presence calm and palpable to her conscious state always. Lara feels much more mature, with a braveness and willingness to face life with a fearless attitude that seeks to assert itself. As if the lion cub’s eyes have just been unveiled to it’s greatest potential and realizing that the artillery for war has long been provided…an ordination to it’s youth and vigour!


When we lose the ones we love, what are the tings we hold on to that restore us and ignite us to become whole and live fulfilled lives?

“Be strong” these two words ring in her ears on her worst and best days. As if her father took off a virtual cape from around his neck and placed it around hers. In her walk and her language there is an entrenched boldness that surprises her and a contentment that catches her off guard. Though she may never have her father available to take her calls just so she can hear his calm voice when seeking comfort or return to the moments where they debated until late in the night on issues about life, she knows she carries a baton to be strength, love and light to someone else.

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