Albert Einstein described enlightenment in one of his many famous quotes, saying  “The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” the Wikipedia states enlightenment as an insight or awakening to the true nature of reality. Ten people can look at a sculpture, experience an event or a even read an insert and come up with ten different insights and motivations. How you seek the light and how you choose to see the light gives way to your wisdom and understanding.

Londi, cries a lot, she cries tears of sadness and an even truck load tears of joy. Life for her is a big event and might as well come with a sound track to accompany every moment, an array of voice overs and consistent sound effects. She carries within her an innate positive impulse as if a flower grows within her and blossoms every time life calls for it. She smiles a wide and generous smile that pulls her cheeks up towards her ears and she lets out a shrill of joy that can be translated into nervousness or uncontained excitement. Barely a sad note nor a negative utterance is confessed past her lips.


You could swear she was born enlightened, an old soul buried deep within her and answers to life etched into the layers of her skin. But it has not been all smooth sailing. It has taken losing multiple times for Londi to fully understand the goodwill of life. She knows that with every loss there is a gain and with every strain there is a relief. The fall down has always been so instant, a heavy thud as she hit the solid ground and the rise slow and trying that lifting her head begged for every ounce of her patience and strength. Her strength has become the light that radiades from her face and her resilience the firmness of her feet with every conviction her steps take.

Every person caries a light that shines and radiates with love, kindness and joy, summed up as being “content”. How often does you light give way to the feelings of contentedness?

Londi aspires to stand before a multitude of people one day and share her life stories. She would like to give hope, strength and courage to people who find themselves in the tender moments of failure, loss, grief and worthlessness. This, she know is not just a wish but what she was born to become, a destiny that is developing is it’s pace and acquiring it’s own standards.

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