The tunnel bares a promise of light at its end. The journey through the tunnel, to reach the light may be short or longer than expected, but there is light. Those who have never seen it, never lived long enough to reach the end of it. A tunnel that does not open, becomes a cave, a dark and dim promises of oblivion that promises no hope.

Sedzani grew up with the sense that he could do it all, he lived up to every challenge. He enjoyed the rewards and failure had because to him it all birthed an even bigger challenge to tackle. He had dreams that scared him and aspirations that invoked the feeling of fluttering butterflies in his stomach. There was a light that shone right through his eyes and a brightness that beamed from his face. He was a natural creative, he thought sharp on his feet and provided constructive input wherever he could and always tried something new. He was like an ever expendable rubber, never tiring or stretching out. But all that had died. All he had left was a worn out shell hanging onto a lifeless soul.

The world in it’s essence does not allow people to live in silos and with that it comes with an inevitable desire to influence and contribute to who we are as individuals and what matters is what we take in, what we leave outside the door and how we let it affect us. Sedzani, along the way encountered antagonism, doubt and fear… all these being learned instincts. Drowned and tangled in the marshes of seeds of doubt planted in him, he has grown weary and allowed the light to be snuffed out.

Along this journey of brokenness all he has been thinking about is the one thing that always gave him an unconfined excitement, capturing moments. Photography had always been a passion that he took for granted, he grew up seeing the talent being shunned and looked down upon, yet in him a great desire to capture moments spoke life. Photographers had always been seen as misfits and lost souls and because of this he avoid inheriting the labels that came with it, until he had to face the label of failure had on.

Hope…sometimes is all you have when you have nothing at all. If you have it you have everything.

A year into a world that he has found himself lost, tattered and lifeless, today, he is sits with a neat box on his laps that he had stashed away in his cupboard trusting he would never want it again. Inside it is his camera. As he picks up the lifeless contraption the weight and realness of this “thing” makes his heartbeat quicken and soften at the same time. Tears started roll down his cheeks as a year of hopelessness flashes in his mind and a spring of hope starts to brew in his core. Could it be possible to feel such a deep love for something you have avoided so long? Could this be the light?

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