Experiences in life can strip us of the basic human dignity and leave us bare and feeling naked. As if the virtual garment of self-worth and a genuine sense of value can no longer exist. It could be the loss of a loved one, a betrayal, a sense of failure, a mutual separation or a rejection which leaves us feeling that the translation opens us to be judged or condemned by the world and boxed in certain societal translations of that very experience. There is a saying “Love covers all”, but maybe scarves are made to compliment love when the arms of love struggle to come full circle.

Takalani stands in a trance in the middle of the town market, yet her eyeballs dance to the rhythm of the scarves that flap and fly mid-air showing off their colours and carefully crafted designs and patterns. The seductive dance of the scarves holds onto the strings of her soul and play a love symphony, a soothing melody that flickers a flame that warms up the cold compartments of her whole being left vacant and wanting. Like a shield so soft and supple yet a solid protection against so much that hovers above an imperceptible threat to her soul.

Shaking herself off of the trance she moves to pick the scarves that move to the rhythm in her soul. One for the time that she lost her father, another for her marriage that wanes on threads of destructive cycles and a few more for all the businesses that she has started but never saw through and one more for the vacant spaces which she can’t quite articulate as to the cause for the void. As she pulls all the scarves closer to her chest the flicker burns out into a hot flame that comforts and caresses her into a burst of joy and a fevering glow on her face. She smiles to herself when she imagines how she will carefully fold and pack them as soon as she gets home, adding to the collection in her cupboard where she has created a special place just for her scarves.

Then what in your life, holds you back together again?

Takalani has found a beauty in scarves that translates into a world that holds her back together into one whole piece. She wraps each one with a very dear and sentimental meaning, only known to her. Whilst everyone else marvels at just their beauty and attractiveness, she really knows the true value. Whether going out for a simple lunch with friends, dressing to a formal outfit for business or a communal gathering, she knows in each occasion she is backed by the force that the scarf stands to represent.

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