A fine glass vase goes from treasure to trash, the moment it is broken. Fortunately, something else happens to you and me. Pick up your pieces. Then, help me gather mine. – Vera Nazarian

I recently encountered a whirlwind that sucked me in. It dragged me from solid ground, hurled me into a vacuum, spun me in different directions and spat me out, leaving me in a hot mess of emotions and a limping spirit.

This whirlwind, being an outpour of emotional events which played out in a form of a dear friend grieving the loss of a beloved friend that made my soul ache with a familiar pain, a stranger confiding to me about a sickness that has little chance of cure which anchored my heart to the sea floor as I realized the inevitable, someone I respect have an erratic episode towards me that left me shaken and as though it was not enough, self affliction reared it’s head as I slipped into a deep whole of self pity marred with insecurities. And as a result to attest to the mashed up gravy of emotions my face broke out into a gravy of adult acne, what a reward!

Life opens us to moments of experiencing things we are not prepared to deal with, even at the times we feel resilient. These are moments that beg for our strength abruptly, yet leaving us feeling thrown into our most fragile state.

My lesson in this has been that at that very moment, our strength is not in knowing what to say in the moment of pain and grief or how to react when feeling attacked or even how to pull yourself out of a vacuum of negative emotions. But to surrender to the moment as it presents itself. We have to allow the cracks to surface, the broken pieces to fall off and the gaping parts of our souls to lay open. All this because magic lies in being able to acknowledge that a vessel is broken. When we acknowledge the moments in the raw, uncut and pure state, we allow ourselves a salve for restoration and healing.

We are all just a tad bit broken! And universe allows for special moments, whether we chose to see them as special or horrid, the moments are a mirror reflecting the cracks and scattered pieces in us or those around us, so that we may learn something about who we really are.

Well, how did I deal with the whirlwind moments? For whatever it’s worth, I chose the magical powers of compassion. Yes compassion for my friend, the grieving lady, the relative with the outburst and in the same important vein, compassion towards myself. I cried all these different moments because my compassion was about being in touch with my emotions. I chose to reflect on the meaning of each encounter and learn something from it. I prayed for spiritual discernment for each aspect that I had encountered and to understand what the lesson is. I also expressed gratitude for being afforded the opportunity to encounter moments that validated my existence.

Compassion is a strong adhesive that puts back all the broken pieces. It may not take one moment of using the magical powers of compassion but the conscious application and repetitive efforts of compassion surely pave the path to healing, comfort, forgiveness and restoration.

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