Wrote an exam today and guess what I flunked it miserably. What hit me after writing was not the feeling of disappointment but knowing that it would not be the only thing I am still to suck at, as long as I have dreams, aspirations and goals.

So we give life our best. My first experience of the negative results of giving my best was heartbreak and guess what I got over it. Then there were a lot more lessons in life about giving it all that I could. Often when the positive happens with hard work and dedication we shy away from counting or attributing it to the result of hard work. Then when we fail we start counting, failed relationships, job losses, business ventures that won’t launch, unfavorable exams results and the list goes on.

Somehow there is a universal understanding that nothing comes without trying, failing, getting up and trying once more, twice more until we get to where our journey leads us. Sometimes it just needs us to try so much that on the umpteenth time we get it that it is not for us. But the reward comes with giving it all we can and ultimately knowing that in all existence we maximized ourselves as best as we could.

Whatever you want full ownership of, you must be willing to take 100% effort, 100% accountability and 100% learnership – Sarah Ravhudzulo

So I am sitting here, drinking some gin and tonic contemplating my next move. And guess what? It includes giving whatever I embark on next my best efforts. My “skin in the game”. How I come out of the next ride will determine how smooth or rough the journey was. I want to win and I want to fail with a hunger for a lesson in mind.

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